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The 1st International Hockey Youth Camp (June, 2001)

The first international youth hockey camp was organized in Siauliai municipality recreation and extra-curriculum campsite "Tauras" in Lithuania in 2001. That was the first test of Lithuanian hockey federation in organizing a very interesting and important event for children from all Lithuania. This event coincided with the first Baltic countries youth cup tournament.

After the camp promotion campaign 75 children who got interested in a challenging team game from various parts of Lithuania gathered. The age of children varied from 8 to 18. Some of them did not have any idea about hockey and the way it was played. So they held a hockey stick, ball, saw the synthetic pitch for the first time in their life.

Responsible people for the camp were Inga Tamuleviciute, international secretary of LHF, and her friend Kristina Milasauskaite. They worked with aspiration and devotion to organize a successful camp and they did that indeed.

Not only was it the initiative of LHF to host an international camp, we felt an incredible support from vicepresident of EHF Mrs. Claire Peeters-Monseu. The camp was organized in co-operation with the biggest camp organising company in the world "Sport Ways". A very talented coach from the Netherlands Stijn van Rosendal worked successfully with a very big group of children.

The programme of the hockey camp was made of 2 parts: technical-educational and social. The former was aimed at hockey - children were taught various hockey tricks, technics and tactics.

Social programme was also held every day and did not leave children unhappy - the first night in the camp was the night of initiation. Every child had to swear faithfulness to hockey stick and ball. After trainings children would swim in the lake nearby, play soccer, basketball, volleyball, dance in discos, organize games and plays.

In addition to the joyful things, children had classes of English where they learnt terms and rules of hockey.

There was a festive party held on the last night where prizes of LHF and "Sport Ways" were awarded. An honourable guest - Mayor of Siauliai town Vida Stasiunaite also joined the participants of the camp.

Children, their mood, wish to participate in all activities brought the best success to this event. We are planning to organize camps of this type in the future gathering children not only from Lithuania but from Europe as well. In such a way the sustainability will be ensured and the camp will become a traditional one.